In 1980, Ted and Debbie Martinez embarked on a mission to create not just houses, but homes that embody luxury and craftsmanship. From the early days of navigating high interest rates and economic challenges to establishing a leading name in high-end home construction, our history is rich with perseverance and excellence. In 2006, the torch was passed to their son Steve, who has continued to uphold and expand the family's commitment to exceptional building practices. Discover how our commitment to quality and attention to detail has crafted a legacy that continues to define luxury living in Treasure Valley.

From Humble Beginnings to Premier Luxury Home Builders

Building Tradewinds: A Legacy of Resilience and Excellence

Tradewinds General Contracting Inc. traces its roots back to 1980, a time when high interest rates dominated the economic landscape, posing significant challenges for new enterprises. It was then that Ted Martinez, drawing on his extensive experience as a superintendent for a custom home builder, decided to carve his own path in the construction industry. Together with his wife Debbie, Ted founded T&D Homes, named poignantly after themselves, marking the humble beginnings of what would become Tradewinds.

The early days were marked by a scrappy, entrepreneurial spirit. Operating out of their home, Ted and Debbie navigated the harsh economic climate by taking on remodels and constructing modest homes. Often, the couple accepted trades for their services, acquiring an assortment of unexpected items—from motorcycles to pianos—delighting their children and adding an air of adventure to their developing operation.

In 1985, seeking more stable opportunities, the Martinez family relocated to Phoenix, Arizona. It was here that they rebranded the company as Tradewinds, a name that would soon become synonymous with quality and resilience. Three years later, with the Boise market showing signs of recovery, they returned to Idaho, poised to elevate Tradewinds to new heights.

The 1990s marked a period of significant evolution for Tradewinds. The company transitioned from building "cookie-cutter" homes to creating upscale residences and commercial projects. This shift toward high-end construction began to define the brand. By the early 2000s, under the leadership of Ted and Debbie’s son, Steve, who took over in 2006, Tradewinds focused intensively on expanding its scope and scale.

However, the 2008 financial crisis tested Tradewinds' resilience profoundly. Overnight, the thriving pipeline of projects dried up. During these challenging times, Steve’s leadership was crucial; he navigated the company through economic turmoil by diversifying into multifamily projects and development, ensuring an alternative revenue stream. A testament to their enduring quality during this period was a significant project for a billionaire client—a project so critical that Steve fondly refers to it as a "local stimulus" that not only kept Tradewinds afloat but also buoyed the entire local construction ecosystem.

Recovering from the recession, Tradewinds emerged stronger and more focused. The subsequent years saw a surge in demand, particularly as the company refined its niche in crafting luxury homes. The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic further tested the company’s adaptability, particularly with supply chain disruptions and pricing pressures. Nevertheless, Tradewinds maintained its commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

Today, Tradewinds is known not just for its luxurious homes but also for its innovative use of technology and sustainable building practices. The company's involvement in the community and advocacy for affordable housing reflect its broader commitment to social responsibility.

Steve Martinez views the history of Tradewinds as a narrative of overcoming adversity through innovation, quality, and a deep commitment to values instilled by his parents: listening first, and building trust. As Tradewinds looks to the future, with goals of constructing homes valued at $25 million, it continues to draw on its rich history of resilience, craftsmanship, and community engagement, aspiring to set new benchmarks in the luxury home market.