Operations Administrator

Rick Morrow

Rick Morrow boasts an impressive half-century in the construction industry, with the last 19 years shaping operations at Tradewinds Construction. His deep-rooted expertise is highlighted by a rich career that includes significant stints as a framing contractor and general contractor, as well as roles in design and planning.

As the Operations Administrator, Rick's responsibilities are critical to the smooth execution of projects from conception to completion. He specializes in initiating and finalizing plans, specifications, and bids, as well as overseeing project managers on active construction sites. His extensive experience allows him to efficiently navigate complex project demands, ensuring precision and adherence to timelines.

Rick's portfolio includes managing high-profile projects such as Two Rivers, Williamson River Ranch, Triple Ridge, Foothills, Harris Ranch, and Island Woods, among others. His hands-on experience in framing, general contracting, and architectural design has provided him with a comprehensive understanding of the construction process, from drafting initial plans to the final build.

His dedication to excellence is reflected in the numerous Parade House awards he has received over the years, underscoring his commitment to quality and innovation in construction. Rick's professional philosophy is centered on a robust work ethic, which drives every aspect of his approach to project management and operations.

Outside of work, Rick is an avid outdoorsman, with a particular passion for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, as well as long-range shooting. His love for the outdoors complements his professional life, providing balance and a keen appreciation for the environments he helps to shape through his work at Tradewinds.